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History of Pepper Square Cleaners

How did we become a world class dry cleaners in Dallas (located at Preston and Beltine Rd)? We have improved our methods, processes and systems and have a very rich and colorful history that we're proud of. Below is a brief timeline of how it all came about. Pepper Square Cleaners is a professional member of the DLI (Drycleaning and Laundry Institute) and would love to be your dry cleaners of choice for your apparel, as well as fine fabrics, fur, leather, suede and linens.

Chuck Howley1979 - Pepper Square Cleaners was founded by former Dallas Cowboy, Chuck Howley. The original store was a dry-cleaning plant in an 1,800 square foot facility. Over the years we have had the pleasure of serving several famous Dallas Cowboys such as Leroy Jordon, Mike Gaechter, Tony Dorsett, Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders.

1988 - Upon Mr. Chuck Howley's retirement, Pepper Square Cleaners is purchased by Amin Bata, our present owner.

1989 - Cleaning plant changes cleaning equipment to zero emissions cleaning machines from Italy. Along with zero air-emissions, we eliminate the use of hazardous cartridge filters by utilizing continuous solvent distillation required in Europe.

Pepper Square Cleaners - Dallas, Texas1990 - We begin processing our own shirt laundry.

1991 - We begin re-cycling of hangers and poly bags from customers.

1993 - We upgrade pressing equipment to muffled air and insulated heat units allowing our processing area to emanate less heat and noise.

1994 - We begin computerized tracking of all garments.

1995 - We eliminate conventional water heaters and utilize enclosed steam mixers from England. This eliminates all gas emissions from heating water, yet providing consistent hot water for our laundry.

We use Ecosolve, a paraffinic hydrocarbon biodegradable cleaner.1997 - We begin providing in house alteration services with a full time tailor on premises.

1999 - We stop using Perchlorethylene and begin using Ecosolve, a paraffinic hydrocarbon, which is non-toxic to humans and the environment, odorless and biodegradable.

1999 - We move 2 doors down to a brand new state of the art 3200 sf. facility.

2000 - We eliminate the use of paper for tagging laundry items by utilizing permanent one-time heat seal.

CNN News Story2005 - We are recognized by CNN, whose crew spends a week with us and makes a 1-hour show called "The Turnaround" on CNN.

2007 - We begin recycling our condensation water which emanates from reclamation of cleaning fluid.

2009 - We added a professional wetcleaning system utilizing 100% wetcleaning of garments. Yes with a scientific formula of emulsifiers, surfactants, softeners, and sizing, we can clean your fine knits, silks and even wools using water and suds without any concern of shrinkage, color loss or wear and tear. This system doesn't eliminate cleaning with solvent but supplements it for the benefit of our customer.

2011 - We converted to a fully integrated drycleaning system which utilizes heat pump technology for the benefit of energy conservation and efficient cycle times and improved garment quality.

2013 - We added the Sankosha automatic garment bagging system. This eliminates waste of excess poly hanging at the bottom of a garment by precisely measuring and cutting the bag at the garment length required.

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