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Never worry about going to the drycleaners again! Pepper Square Cleaners offers reliable Pick-up and Delivery. Our van will be at your door once or twice per week. Choose either weekly or bi-weekly depending on your choice.

Dallas Drycleaners Delivery Service

The day prior to our visit, we will provide a friendly reminder message reminding you to leave your cleaning at the door. We provide empty laundry bags, ID tag identifying your order and a clear, inconspicuous, non-damaging hook for your door. We bill at the beginning of the next month allowing you a full 60 days to pay your bill. Now that's convenient!


Does Pepper Square Cleaners charge a delivery fee?
No. There are no additional charges for the delivery service.

Where do you pick up and deliver my clothes?
At your front door, we will provide a clear hook which will be used for both leaving the dirty laundry bag and where we will leave your clean order.

Do you provide a laundry bag for my clothes?
Yes, we will provide bags as you need them with your order information tagged on the bag.

How do I know which days are my scheduled pick up and delivery days?
On your first pick-up, we will notify which day of the week we will pick up and which day we will deliver.

Do I have to be there when our driver drops off or picks up?
No. Our route driver will pick up and deliver from your front door hook. Our driver will be looking for a laundry bag hanging on your door to pick up.

How do I tell you about any special requests, repairs or alteration?
Just drop in a note in the laundry bag with a daytime telephone number just in case we need to ask you any questions.



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