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Since our opening in 1979, we have cleaned over 8 million articles of clothing on premises. Did you know that along with clothing, we also clean household items such as bedspreads, comforters, pillows, draperies, rugs and featherbeds.

Dallas Drycleaners - Sweaters and Sensitive ClothingPepper Square Cleaners in Dallas, TX is your one stop for all your cleaning needs: leather, suede and fur-delicate and exclusive items such as custom tailored clothing and couture wear. We also clean leather bomber jackets and your suede pants are always in good hands at Pepper Square Cleaners. From cleaning to waterproofing to storage... we do it all!

Bedspread and Comforters
Soften and fluff your bedspread and comforters with us. Our non-toxic hydrocarbon cleaning fluid leaves no odors or fumes assuring you a clean, chemical-free spread to sleep under. We also offer hand washing and wet-cleaning of household items.

You will love our shirt laundry. We triple check for broken buttons, pre-spot cuffs and collars, use only low PH detergents and wheat starch for a perfect shirt. You won't believe the brightness and finish when you have on a shirt cleaned by Pepper Square Cleaners. We also offer our exclusive 100% hand finish for fine shirts such as Brioni, Armani, Thomas Pink, Q-Custom and Lombardo.

Curtain & Drapery Cleaning - Dallas, TXDrapes and Curtains
Instead of replacing them, dry-clean them! Clean draperies and curtains will bring out the freshness in any room of your house.

Tablecloths and Linens
No starch, light starch, medium starch or heavy starch, nothing beats the feel of freshly starched and pressed linens on a bed. For that special occasion, have your tablecloth ready by having it professionally laundered and pressed by Pepper Square Cleaners.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Heirlooming
Wedding gown boutiques from Neiman Marcus to Stanley Korshak to Stardust, trust us for cleaning gowns. We clean and heirloom dresses from such designers as St Pucci to Vera Wang from brides out of Hawaii to New York to our hometown-Dallas.

Professional Tailoring - Dallas, TXAlterations
Loose hem, broken zipper, or torn seam? Allow our staff tailor to make those clothes wearable again.

Area Rugs
From a small 2' X 4' to a grand 12' by 18' dining room Persian, we can clean any size rug.

It's The Little Things That Count
It's easy to tell how much someone cares by their attention to the little things. Like buttons! And, that is something we pride ourselves on. We check. Recheck. And then check again. And, if any button is broken or missing, we simply replace it. No questions asked. Because we believe in attention to detail, one button at a time.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Eco Friendly DrycleaningIn 1999 we made a commitment to never again use Perchlorethylene, commonly known in the media and environmental circles as Perc. Perc is still the most common dry-cleaning solvent used by dry-cleaners despite repeated studies linking it to ground water contamination and human health hazards. Despite its health and environmental hazards, it is still favored by dry-cleaners due to its economical price, fast cleaning ability, low operating costs, low labor intensity and simple cleaning equipment. We chose to use a paraffin based solvent known as Ecosolve which has no health or environmental hazards.

The Highest Quality Drycleaning
In 1989 our cleaning plant changed the cleaning equipment to zero emissions cleaning machines from Italy. Along with zero air-emissions, we eliminate the use of hazardous cartridge filters by utilizing continuous solvent distillation required in Europe. We pride ourselves in the reputation we have built for the highest quality dry-cleaning and laundry service.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

  • Buttons and shoulder pads are always protected for safe cleaning.
  • Missing and broken buttons are replaced FREE without asking.
  • Your garments are always pressed to perfection and ready to wear.
  • We perform a three point inspection of every garment prior to completion.
  • Your garments are packaged with tissue paper and shoulder savers for wrinkle-free delivery.
  • Your orders are always ready on time.
  • You can count on courteous and professional service from trained and experienced associates.
  • Same day service, Monday through Saturday on garments brought in before 9am.



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